My Mission Statement

I'm a traveller and storyteller, forever searching, forever marvelling.

In nature, we find a promise of contingency, purpose and reason. We all play part in the finely-tuned balance which makes our world go around. Too often, human kind separates itself from nature; instead of seeing our species as a guardian of Earth, we seem to only harvest her bounties, disregarding the future. Appreciation for what is around us, and indeed part of us, is key in achieving sustainability. With my photography I hope to inspire people to embrace nature and her ever-changing beauty not only visually, but in our hearts and our lifestyle: The sheer magic of a dawn over the African savanna, the serenity of Gulf Coast wetlands at sunset, the amazing flurry of wings when a flock of seabirds soars, the wild and rugged harshness of a landscape in the American West or the incomparable greens of an English forest. Everything is part of our heritage, part of us.

I love bringing the wild into dwellings. My design projects are of an individual and unique character, going with the seasons and the moods. From small, bespoke images to kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, traditionally framed prints to brushed aluminium panels, I'm happy to provide solutions for your space's decoration.
My work can be seen in the gallery I share with my husband, Duncan Phillips: Knowle Top Studios, located in the Lancashire market town of Clitheroe, but I'm always available to meet in person for projects.

We also run a school of photography on the Ribble Valley side of Pendle Hill, conducting workshops, private tuition and photo safaris into the Forest of Bowland and Yorkshire Dales.

If you're interested in acquiring photographs for private or commercial purposes, and there is no "Buy here" link under the image, please visit or email me at for specific sizes and costs.

Wild Art Fund

With help of my photography, I have been privileged to support many conservation projects over the years. I'm always happy to provide images for fundraising, educational purposes or awareness-rising. Thus I started "Wild Art Fund" as a platform to raise moneys for conservation projects through art. Please see the Boutique on this page for collector's prints which help raise money for conservation projects. Currently I'm donating to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Rocking for Rhinos in Limpopo, South Africa and the Coastal Heritage Preserve in Galveston, Texas.


Irene Amiet is a free-lance writer and international photographer.
A native of Basel, Switzerland, Irene has lived in the Bermudas, South Africa and Texas prior to moving to the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, UK.
She has been active as a research volunteer with Leatherback Turtles in Panama and participated in big cat density research in Limpopo, South Africa, where she became marketing manager for a game lodge in the Karongwe Conservancy, involved in conservation and community projects, before founding her own fine-art and commercial photography business.

While in Texas, Irene was a correspondent for Coast Magazine and ran an online blog on outdoor photography for the Galveston Daily News. She dedicated much time to capturing wading birds' dance-like performances in their natural seagrass habitat and created her body of work "Avian Ballet" but also worked on editorial portfolios for clients.

Irene currently freelances and published articles spanning topics from conservation to art while producing photographic imagery of nature and wildlife.

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